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Companies of all sizes and industries hire interns to gain valuable support for the business and its existing employees. Internships allow companies to invest in their own future success and perhaps discover new talent and future leaders. It is simple: companies hire interns to fill their employment pipeline for entry-level positions. It is an opportunity for the company to hire fresh talent that can take on lower-level tasks, freeing up time for senior employees to handle other work.

Why should businesses provide internships? 

The business world is rapidly evolving into a global industry as a result of changes that are occuring in the international marketplace. Greater diversity in our workplace presents us with new challenges on a regular basis. We know how important it is to have a knowledgeable, well-trained, and flexible workforce that can adapt to the changing nature of the national and global economies.

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What does business get in return?

Employers who offer internship programs or hire interns to work for them can realise benefits from doing so. The following are significant advantages that come with having interns:

The internship programme is unique because its main goal is to find the applicant and match them with the company that can give them both the best professional internship placement possible. We have a list of highly skilled interns who are willing to move and come from a wide range of educational backgrounds to meet the needs of the company. They can bring to the company a variety of skills and experiences.

Every single one of our international interns is either currently pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or has just graduated. A good number of them have been acknowledged for their accomplishments and have obtained financial sponsorship from either their educational institutions or government bodies. Every intern is fluent in English, and many are able to speak two or even three other languages fluently.

These are things that every intern has:

  • currently living in Australia.
  • have relevant Australian college or university degrees.
  • willing to work an internship ranging from 8 to 16 weeks
  • have a very good level of English at an IELTS score of at least 6.0 average.
  • fully insured with personal and workplace liability cover.
  • has a police check certificate in their home country and with the AFP.
  • are looking for unpaid internships in their field.
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Fair Work Australia’s Internship Guidelines

When you do an internship through Ozlinks Education and Career Services, you can be sure that we follow all of the rules set by Fair Work Australia. Whether you choose to offer a paid or unpaid internship, you can rest assured that we are always following the Fair Work Act of 2009.

On-the-job training includes things like work experience and internships; unpaid internships are legal in any circumstance as long as the intern is gaining legitimate work experience. The practices used by Ozlinks Education are in line with the recommendations provided by Fair Work Australia.

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